Civil War
Transition to Presidency
Military Initiatives
 - Contrabands & Freedmen
 - John C. Frémont and Missouri
 - David Hunter and the Department of the South
Congressional Action and Inaction
 - Colonization
 - Compensated Emancipation
 - Border States
 - District of Columbia
 - Confiscation Acts
Emancipation Proclamation
 - Preparation for Draft Proclamation
 - The Chicago Ministers
 - Draft Proclamation
 - Domestic Reaction
 - Military Necessity
 - International Reaction
 - Preparation for Final Proclamation
 - Final Proclamation: January 1, 1863
 - Impact of Proclamation
 - Freedom Video
Black Soldiers
 - Cameron's Report
 - Pay and Promotion
 - Louisiana and Massachusetts
 - Fort Pillow
 - Entering Richmond
13th Amendment
 - Republican National Convention
 - Congressional Debate
 - Passage
 - Wade-Davis Bill
 - Louisiana and Black Suffrage
 - Hampton Roads Conference
 - -------------------------------------------------------------

Preface by Lewis Lehrman
Introduction by Richard Behn

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